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The names of the individuals have been changed due to privacy.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words of wisdom. They were balm for a wounded life and guides for healing. I will never forget the times I sat on your couch and cried, and felt helpless and you spoke words of hope and courage to me.”

– Patricia, after getting to the other side of a painful divorce.

“I appreciate your guidance and help to me in making good decisions as a father. You have made a difference in my life, and my son’s.”

– Matt, a single dad coping with his son’s substance abuse problems.

“I really appreciate the help you gave me during therapy. I still quote you on a regular basis to others I talk to.”

– Karen, several years after therapy following a major life loss and the need to redefine herself and her life vision.

“I have become an avid reader of books you recommended to me and it has helped me sort through so much incorrect thinking. Thank you!”

– Pat, on continuing with her healing process after her therapy ended.

“The tools you gave me in therapy should be [taught in] a class that every person must attend to enter adulthood. I thank you day and night for [being a part of] changing my life I am extremely happy with everything I am doing and I have a beautiful outlook.”

– Lynn, commenting on positive life changes she made during and after therapy.